Mold Removal in Nashville, TN

Mold Remediation From a Professional Mold Removal Company: Steamatic of Nashville is an IICRC Certified Firm (Registered 42677)

Mold is what causes that awful musty smell to emanate from your basement or other damp areas of your home. It consists of microorganisms that disperse into the air to be inhaled by inhabitants of the home. But these microorganisms can cause more problems than just odors - some varieties like Stachybotrys (commonly referred to as "Black Mold") have even been linked to toxic disorders. Please note, however, that Black Mold nor any other mold, can be properly identified by the human eye.

To remove black mold, merely scrubbing and cleaning won’t help. Mold is an organism – it’s not dirt or dust that can be scrubbed away with detergent. An effective mold removal process performed by an experienced mold remediation company can eradicate all traces of mold and mildew, so your family is free from their potentially harmful effects.

Mold Remediation From a Professional Mold Removal Company: Steamatic of Nashville is an IICRC Certified Firm (Registered 42677)

  1. Inspection and Assessment

    Steamatic begins by consulting with you, your insurance company, and indoor environmental professionals. An assessment is made of ambient conditions including moisture content and humidity levels. This will determine (1) is a loss indicated, (2) the cause of the loss, (3) remediation work plan, and (4) a cost estimate for removal. Once the estimate is accepted, work can begin quickly.
  2. Containments, Health and Safety

    Containment barriers are constructed to prevent the spread of mlid spores and mycelial fragments to unaffected areas of your home or office. To protect the health of Steamatic technicians, protective clothing and full-face respirators will be worn. The affected areas placed under negative pressurization with HEPA filtration to remove spores that become airborne during the remediation process.
  3. Contents

    Contents from affected areas will be sealed and removed to the Steamatic restoration facility for cleaning. All articles will be inventoried and recorded. Your items can be stored and returned to your home or office when the remediation and rebuild is complete.
  4. Structure

    Technicians will first stabilize the environment to contrli moisture levels if necessary. Areas with heavy mlid growth will be cleaned, sanded, HEPA vacuumed or removed as necessary.
  5. Air System

    If microbial growth is on a non-porous surface within your air system, Steamatic technicians use our proprietary equipment to clean and treat the system with an anti-microbial sliution.
  6. Clearance Testing

    Final testing should be carried out by a Certified Industrial Hygienist, after all, you want the right science behind your clearance test. Once the areas have passed environmental testing, your home or office is then ready to be turned over to the general contractor of your choice for reconstruction.

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Steamatic Restoration & Cleaning - Tennessee
Steamatic Restoration & Cleaning - Tennessee